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Why We DON'T Sell Smooth Lens Pinhole Glasses

This statement has been added to our website in response to the many inquiries we have received as to why ClearVision Hawaii no longer markets Smooth Lens pinhole glasses, a product which we ourselves introduced to the world in 1999 only to discontinue it two years later. We hope this simple explanation will clear up the mystery.

35% light reduction. There is nothing wrong with smooth lens pinhole glasses, otherwise known as "modern pinhole glasses"...providing that a) you are nearsighted and b) your sole purpose in using the product is for outdoor use. For indoor use and for farsighted or presbyopic (old age vision) users these models are virtually useless. Retailers of the product may admit that "some light" is lost by the mirror coating on the lenses, necessary to hide the pinhole pattern on the back, but the truth is that it's not just "some light" but quite a bit of light - 35% in fact. This results in a significant reduction of pinhole functionality.

Larger hole size. To compensate for the loss of light caused by the mirror coating, the holes of smooth lens models must be larger than on standard pinhole lenses - 1.2 mm. vs. 1.1 mm., which is the industry standard. Unfortunately, 1.2 mm. hole size produces a slightly blurry image for farsighted and presbyopic users, making the glasses useless even for outdoors.

This diagram shows that standard pinhole lenses produce a 35% brighter image than mirror-coated pinhole glasses.

The vast majority of people who purchase pinhole glasses, probably 95% or more, plan to use them INDOORS, not OUTDOORS, and so we decided this technology was not worth the time, effort, and expense of producing it. Moreover, pinhole glasses by their very nature already block a considerable amount of light entering the eye — that’s how they work! — and the notion of cutting even more light merely for the sake of vanity seemed counterproductive. For this reason, two years after introducing the innovation, we dropped it in order to concentrate on higher quality standard lens products instead. In that regard, we believe ClearVision Hawaii has the distinct advantage over all other marketers of pinhole glasses.

A CVH innovation

Other retailers who still carry the product acquired the idea from us in 1999. We are dismayed by the fact that the public is misled into believing that the smooth lens products are just as functional as standard pinhole glasses, when in fact, in spite of their sleek appearance, they are not. If you have any questions about this statement or would like further clarification, you are invited to contact us for a swift response.

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