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ClearVision Hawaii Insta-Focus are the only brand of pinhole glasses that are fashioned with stylish sunglass frames instead of the type of homely frames that normally come with pinhole glasses. This gives CVH Insta-Focus eyewear the appearance of normal sunglasses, so that they can be used freely in public without attracting the same kind of unwanted attention that other pinhole glasses do.


ClearVision Hawaii's lens configuration of 1.1 mm.-diameter holes x 2.5 mm. spacing is the optimum configuration for both nearsighted and farsighted/presbyopic. Holes that are 1.2 mm. or larger do not work for farsighted wearers, yet some pinhole glasses have holes as large as 1.5 mm. Websites selling pinhole glasses don't bother to list their product specifications, so ordering from them is pot luck.


its sunglass frames. Sunglasses are made to withstand heavier use than pinhole glasses, so they are just naturally sturdier. Sturdy spring joint hinges as are found on high-end CVH models are unheard of in the world of pinhole glasses.


ClearVision Hawaii takes great pride in its courteous after-sales customer service. Reports of problems or inquiries or suggestions are given prompt attention. Most other websites selling pinhole glasses have no customer service to speak of and don't allow returns or exchanges.

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