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How to Use Insta-Focus Glasses™

Since Insta-Focus Glasses™ work for both nearsighted and farsighted, how you will use them depends upon your vision correction needs. People who are nearsighted (can't see far away) use them to watch TV, movies, or outdoor sporting events. Nearsighted students can use them to see the whiteboard at school. People who are farsighted (can't see close up) can use Insta-Focus Glasses™ exactly as they would use a pair of reading glasses-for using a computer or for casual reading. The glasses can also be used to read product labels in stores, menus in well-lit restaurants. These people can throw away their reading glasses and never buy another pair.

The Benefits of Insta-Focus Glasses
  • Insta-Focus glasses are safer than eyeglasses and contact lenses. Prescription lenses weaken eyesight while Insta-Focus glasses help to preserve it.
  • Insta-Focus Glasses are much safer than Lasik surgery. Lasik surgery is risky at best. A high percentage of Lasik patients lose their ability to drive at night due to the deterioration of their night vision. One 2000 British study found that 80% could not read a road sign 55 yards away and 40% couldn't read it from just 15 yards away after having undergone the procedure.
  • Insta-Focus glasses work instantly. No eye exam, no prescription needed. Just put them on and see clearly. Insta-Focus glasses are not medical devices and do not need FDA approval.
  • Insta-Focus glasses glasses never need to be changed. As long as you don't break them, the Insta-Focus lenses will never stop working. There is no prescription, so there are no "stronger" pairs.
  • Insta-Focus glasses work for nearsighted, farsighted, presbyopic, and astigmatic. They work for anyone requiring vision correction of between plus or minus 6 diopters. They even work for people who have worn glasses for decades. See our FAQ page for more details.
  • Insta-Focus glasses eliminate eye strain from computer monitors and tv screens. Insta-Focus glasses are a natural form of vision correction, so even long hours in front of a computer monitor will not result in headaches or sore eyes. For most people, looking at illuminated screens with I-F glasses is the same as looking at them with a naked eye with 20/20 vision.
  • Insta-Focus glasses never need to be cleaned. These lenses can't be smudged like eyeglasses. No more cleaning fluids, no more rubbing away fingerprints.
  • Insta-Focus glasses are 100% natural. They let you see with your own eyes, not artificial lenses.
  • Insta-Focus glasses were patented in the U.S. Many people who make their living selling pair after pair of eyeglasses to patients with continually deteriorating eyesight like to portray Insta-Focus glasses as gimmicks, ignoring the fact that the technology was granted a U.S. Patent in 1934. Eye doctors who try to make such claims should be reminded that the U.S. government doesn't issue patents for gimmicks.
Insta-Focus Glasses vs. Eyeglasses
  Insta-Focus Glasses Eyeglasses
Create a dependency NO YES
Weaken one's eyesight
Can cause retinal damage NO YES
Need periodic eye exams NO YES
Need replaced periodically NO YES
Need periodic cleaning NO YES
Can cause eye strain NO YES
Reduce glare YES NO
Same pair works for anyone YES NO
Exercise the eye muscles YES NO
100%Natural vision correction YES NO
ClearVision Hawaii Insta-Focus Glasses vs. Regular Pinhole Glasses

Ever since they were invented in 1934, pinhole glasses have normally been ugly, flimsy devices which could easily be confused with the free plastic toys one might find in a cereal box. Sadly, nearly all pinhole glasses still look like this. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why these devices never became popular, in spite of their superiority over prescription lenses.

ClearVision Hawaii is the only brand that combines contemporary sunglass frames with insta-focus lenses.

Standard pinhole glasses

ClearVision Hawaii Insta-Focus Glasses

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