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About ClearVision Hawaii LLC

ClearVision Hawaii is a Limited Liability Company and is duly registered as such in the state of Nevada. CVH has been shipping contemporary Insta-Focus glasses to countries all over the world since September of 1999. Facilities are located in Honolulu, HI and Henderson, NV, USA. ClearVision Hawaii products are also distributed by five affiliates in the US and in the UK, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, and the Netherlands. We are continually striving to find new outlets for our products, and so we offer generous discounts on bulk orders. ClearVision Hawaii is the only online retailer of pinhole glasses that offers bulk order discounts. ClearVision Hawaii LLC is 100% US-owned and operated.

  • ClearVision Hawaii is the originator of smooth lens Insta-Focus glasses, having introduced them in 1999.  Other vendors who market models similar to ours are selling products they acquired from us. 
  • Ours are the only Insta-Focus glasses that feature pinhole lenses fitted into contemporary sunglass frames.  These products are custom-made and are not found in any factory catalogs.
  • Unlike most other marketers of pinhole glasses who view pinhole glasses merely as marketable products, we are dedicated users of the products and are constantly searching for new ways to improve them.  We pay great attention to design as well as to functionality. 
  • Customer satisfaction is a top priority at CVH, and our sales figures show it.  We have an unusually high percentage of returning customers, and the return rate on our products is less than one percent. Less than one pair per every 100 pairs shipped is returned to us. 

We welcome your comments and suggestions on how you think we can improve our products.

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